Through death there is life
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List of Words to Describe Killing Different People

amicicide: murder of a friend
episcopicide:killing of bishops
filicide:killing of one's own child
fratricide:killing of one's brother
gynaecide:killing of women
mariticide:killing or killer of one's husband
matricide: killing of one's mother
neonaticide:killing or killer of a newborn infant
parenticide:killing or killer of one's parents
parricide:killing of parents or a parent-like close relative
patricide:killing of one's father
prolicide:killing of offspring; killing of the human race
regicide:killing of a monarch
senicide:killing of old men
siblicide:killing or killer of a sibling
sororicide:killing of one's own sister
speciocide:destruction of an entire species
tyrannicide:killing of a tyrant
uxoricide: killing of one's own wife
vaticide:killing of a prophet
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